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Welcome to the new business landscape

Blok is the revolutionary new way to do business. This is your moment – be part of the future.

How it works?

Start a Company.

Create a trusted location-independent
business with minimal cost and hassle-free
administration. Operate as a trusted,
location-independent company and digitally
manage share capital structures, conduct
board decisions, declare taxes & more.

Work Anywhere.

Establish and manage a crypto company
digitally - from anywhere in the world -
without the need for travel.

Minimize Costs & Paper.

Access a marketplace of service providers
for a smooth digital journey focused on growth,
not bureaucracy. No bureaucracy – no paper
documents with stamps, everything online
and electronic. Expensive documents, notary- and legal consulting fees are a thing in the past, you will be able to save thousands of €.

Be a Trusted Crypto Company.

Operate within a stable and transparent business
environment with access to the world Market.
Leverage the Blok community to connect
with your peers, find business services and
stay updated on the program.

What Blok is not - disclaimer

Blok is not a platform for illegal activity, tax avoidance or online abuse

Blok provides a unique platform where users can trade fairly and flexibly, with interactions and exchanges mutually agreed between individual users and administered through an online system that uses cryptocurrency transactions. Because everything is managed online and there is currently little regulation of cryptocurrency, this gives you the opportunity to start trading within the Blok cyber-ecosystem without having to register a business or pay tax; however, if you choose to withdraw your funds as cash then you may be required to pay taxes or formally register a business.

Trust and fair treatment are vital to the success of Blok, and as such we will not tolerate the sale of illegal goods or services, breaches of agreements formed in our cyber-ecosystem or any abusive, disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour. Where required, we will cooperate with national and international law enforcement and taxation agencies to ensure that our users are acting legally. It is your sole responsibility as a user to ensure that you are operating within the legal frameworks and tax requirements of your local area.


It costs only 0,99€ and about an half hour of your time to get set up initally, followed by a monthly subscription model. As our way to reward the early adaptors, the first 6 months after launch we will not be restricting any access regardless of the subscription status.

To initially get set up, you will need a device with a camera, an official form of ID and about 30 minutes of time.

Blok is now available globally with the base functionality. There will be many changes over the next few months but this is your chance to join the digital revolution at its start!

Safety and security are Blok’s highest priorities. Security is built into the very design of the Blockchain to prevent malicious activity.

Blok is legal and can be used in all countries where the use of cryptocurrencies is permitted.